News August 2019

I am the Director of a business in the Northern suburbs of Elizabeth South, called U B Free Counselling & Arts Psychotherapy Services and we are open for referrals for anyone requiring NDIS services, or people needing Services for the over 65’s, which can be arranged through Home Care Packages.
I am a professional Counsellor & Arts Psychotherapist & I have a team of professional therapists who support NDIS ‘Capacity Building’ through a wonderful mix of theatre games, improvisation, art & music. We have programs which run for 5 weeks, single sessions to sample, or a one to one session tailored for personal art therapy. There are many benefits:
o It provides a way of externalizing pain & trauma
o It is provided in a confidential safe environment
o The model used is evidence-based
o It offers person centered care
o The price is reasonable for professional therapy
o It taps into the unconscious & it can become conscious
o It can support difficulty in childhood
o It taps into your inner child
o It helps to release blockages
o Can help if a person is faced with a dilemma
o It can assist the release of blockages
o It’s suitable for all ages, cultures, religions, & genders

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