I am a professional Counsellor and Therapist working in the northern suburbs of Adelaide.

  • I am a provider of therapeutic services to a large range of clientele including:
  • Any persons registered with NDIS (6 years- 65 years) who has a Care plan
  • Anyone who is over 65 years who has a home care Commonwealth Government package
  • Those who have Medibank Private Cover
  • We support all different cultures and needs, (for example Indigenous or African people).
  • My Services are Autistic Friendly & my assistants are trained to support these clients
  • Those who are Carers of anyone with a disability or an aged person.
  • Any other person can be accommodated according to their financial circumstances.

If it is a legal claim I am happy to make a contractual arrangement for a delayed payment subject to their claim settlement or negotiate an amicable arrangement.

Most of the above can access on going therapy which is incorporated into their yearly plan, which is flexible, however we offer a range of workshops which will interest the variant age groups and needs. They can choose to join one workshop or continuous one on one therapy which is tailored to suit their goals and needs.

We welcome participants to try Arts Psychotherapy Therapeutic Services with U B Free as we offer a range of topics which they may choose from.

For example: “How to Reduce Anxiety so you can be calmer”, which is offered in a private one on one therapy in their home. OR

They can access this at U B Free Office, or we can arrange to have it in a venue that provides a safe environment suitable for confidential therapy.

These activities will enhance the health and well being of the participants and we value the input of their family, carers, friends and community members who are involved in the participant’s life and if the participant chooses they can attend the first session of assessment. This is a time for the participant to get to know me and for me to meet them and the important people in their lives. I will also explain further what Arts Psychotherapy involves and then we can set some goals for their wellbeing. The sessions will end in a review report which can guide whether the participant is able to respond to this form of therapy.

Providing the number of participants are 7 or 8 then we can have a therapist assistant with these unique skills trained in Arts Psychotherapy.

Please reassure them that I as the main therapist am well trained, with a Bachelor of Science in Counselling and a Post Graduate Diploma in Arts Psychotherapy. I have also been a Carer for many years now, and I have a passion to support older people in the community. She also will be able to offer a drama therapy for people over 65 years with a group of 7 or more. This would not only be therapeutic but fun and there are testimonies of people benefiting from this form of therapeutic expertise that they would appreciate. I also have much positive feedback from people who have engaged in workshops and one on one private therapy.

Some of the people who have experienced positive therapy from various issues as a direct result of the therapy with myself are:

  • Males in Rehabilitation from issues with Drugs, Alcohol, & Gambling
  • A woman who has experienced Domestic Violence
  • A Multicultural Group transitioning from migrating to Australia
  •  A woman adjusting to having an injury
  • A woman who suffers general anxiety
  • Children who have experienced bullying, parents separating and bereavement of the loss of their grandparent and their pets
  • A lady experiencing difficulty communicating with her mother
  • A parent battling with caring for her children
  • A lady struggling with a Spiritual Dilemma

As people may like to understand what some of the benefits of Arts Psychotherapy. I will mention some of the following:

Benefits of Arts Psychotherapy:

  • It provides a way of externalizing pain and trauma
  • It is confidential and in a safe environment
  • The module used is reliable
  • It offers person centred care
  • It is respectful of beliefs and culture
  •  The price is reasonable for professional therapy
  • It taps into the unconscious and it can become conscious
  • It can increases awareness of oneself
  • It can help people see things from a different perspective
  • It can support healing from difficulty in childhood (repairing & reshaping attachment issues)
  • It can support healing from life’s journey
  • It is kind on people’s emotions
  • It taps into your inner child
  • It can build self-confidence
  • It helps to release blockages or barriers of thinking
  • It can help shed some light if a person is facing a dilemma.
  • The therapist can variates and offer a combination of verbal Counselling to compliment it
  • It is suited to all age groups
  • It is suitable for anyone under 65 years of age also
  • It is covered financially by the government for people who have aged care packages or are supported with their disabilities through NDIS
  • It is evidence based and is commonly used in the USA and the UK
  • Australia is now benefiting from this form of therapy which suits anyone in the world

This therapy is effective and has been described as:

“It is inherently relational as it involves an active, sensory-based dynamic between practitioner and individual and it emphasises the ‘right-hemisphere-to-right-hemisphere.” Malchiodi
Please pass this exciting therapy on to others,

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