Art Therapy for Adults 65 +

As we get older, we can develop anxiety and stress when we struggle with life transitions. There are so many life events that can shape us in either positive or negative ways. Many people struggle at times in their lives as they age and face changes.

Art therapy may support you to find new ways to cope with anxiety and stress associated with:

  • Loss of independence,
  • Change in living arrangements,
  • Family and relationship issues,
  • Loss of a loved one,
  • Personal issues,
  • Mental health issues.

At UB Free Arts Psychotherapy and Counselling Services we can be a provider for any person who has a home care package either within a Residential Care Home or Independent Living. We just need to be contracted with your organisation as a Provider.

We maintain registration with ECH Home Care, so any person with this organisation we can support in their Care Plan for Therapeutic Services.

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