Registered Provider with NDIS

UB Free is a registered NDIS provider. The types of disability the Australian Government supports are: Permanent Physical Disability and Permanent Mental Disability.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The Australian Government is working together with the disability sector to improve and set-up support for those in need now and into the future. Part of this dedication involves the National Disability Insurance Scheme – or NDIS.

This national program is the new way of providing support for people with disability, their families, and their carers. It aims to build skills and capability so that individuals can participate in their community and in employment. Most importantly, the NDIS gives a person more choice and control over the supports they receive (DPS Guide to Disability Support SA & NT 2018).

Registered Provider with NDIS

After my tertiary graduation in 2018, I decided to become a registered provider with NDIS. I can now offer a large range of services for people who are Agency Managed, Plan Managed or are Self -Managed with NDIS. My services come under Capacity Building – Therapeutic Services (usually people 7 years to 65 years of age).

Home Care Packages

I can also provide services for people who are on any Home Care Packages, such as ECH or Resthaven Participants (usually older people over 65 years).

Other Services

Other services we provide at U B Free include:

  • Workshops – with a therapeutic component,
  • Group Work – verbal counselling or using Art mediums for individual personalised therapy,
  • One on One – verbal counselling or individual personalised therapy.

These therapies can be arranged at the U B Free office, in your organisation or a community premises, or can be arranged in your home under specific conditions.

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