Domestic Violence in Australia

Domestic violence in Australia is a tragic state of affairs. Domestic violence and abuse is not just physical. It is emotional and psychological too.

Around 1 in 4 women have experienced violence and abuse from an intimate partner in Australia. The statistics for abuse towards men are much lower, with approximately 1 in 13 men experiencing it.

Though the majority of people know that domestic violence is wrong, many cases go unreported. Those who are being abused rarely report it to authorities due to fear.

One of the most insidious results of domestic violence in Australia is that many children witness it. These children grow up in an environment where violence and abuse is normalised. This leads to a cycle of inter-generational abuse.

What Can be Done about Domestic Violence and Abuse?

Children who witness domestic violence are often destined to repeat these patterns in adulthood. The impact of negative conditional cognitions assists the victim to retreat and submit. This creates a cycle of mistrust, the construction of an unreal world, and living an inauthentic life.

It’s best to challenge the fears these individuals have about living a more fulfilled life and having a more positive life. For children It’s beneficial to seek an Early Childhood Intervention Worker and a counsellor who is trained in Arts Psychotherapy.

A qualified Arts Psychotherapist can do this work unobtrusively by presenting therapy through a combination of play therapy and art for children. For adults, a combination of counselling and various art mediums (such as music and visual art) is appropriate.

Carol Albrighton has experience across many areas, including supporting people who have been abused. You can read more about Carol’s education and background here.


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