News August 2019 – Creative Arts Psychotherapist

Carol Albrighton is the Director of U B Free Counselling and Arts Psychotherapy in the Northern suburbs of Elizabeth South in Adelaide, South Australia. We’re open to referrals for anyone requiring NDIS services, or people needing services for the over 65’s – which can be arranged through Home Care Packages.

We employ a team of professional therapists who support NDIS ‘Capacity Building’ through a wonderful mix of theatre games, improvisation, art and music. Read more about Carol’s history and experience as a creative Arts Psychotherapist here.

At U B Free, we have programs that run for 5 weeks, single sessions to sample, or a one-to-one session tailored for personal art therapy. There are many benefits to therapy with a trained creative arts psychotherapist, including:

o Externalizing pain and trauma in a safe and confidential environment,
o Evidence-based model,
o Person-centred care,
o Reasonably priced for professional therapy,
o Accessing the unconscious mind so it can become conscious,
o Supporting people who have had difficulty in childhood,
o Tapping into the inner child,
o Assisting with the release of blockages,
o Helping people faced with dilemmas in life,
o Suitability for all ages, cultures, religions, and genders.

Arts Psychotherapy provides many benefits to those people who are struggling in life. Through Arts Psychotherapy sessions, it’s possible to access the unconscious mind and release blockages. This is the true beauty of using the creative arts in professional therapy sessions!


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